About Us

With over 100 plant-based food packaging designs, 10 grades of bioplastic rollstock sheets, 30 home & business organizational products and a world class team of scientists, business builders and retailers, good natured® is producing and distributing one of North America’s widest assortments of consumer products and packaging made from the highest possible percentage of renewable, plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern.

Committed to doing what’s right for the planet and right for business, we’re creating better everyday products® that combine cutting-edge bioplastic technology and the latest sustainable design features that not only look good, but maximize shelf space, drive incremental sales, enhance logistics and boost environmental benefits.


Our Valued Partners

Whether taking the plunge with us to build manufacturing processes to make everyday products and packaging out of plant-based materials, or developing world-leading bio-based ingredients, or supporting the growth of our engineering and design platforms with critical funding, we most certainly could not be doing what we do all on our own.

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A Few Key Milestones


June 2019 – Closes $10 million USD financing from Business Development Bank of Canada

March 2019 – Plant-based Handy Recycler now a top 10 best seller on Amazon.com


November 2018 – Awarded $850,000 in innovation funding from Canadian Government

April 2018 – Surpasses $3.1 Million in Annual Revenue and 51% YOY Growth

January 2018 – Contributes to Canadian Industrial Bioproducts Industry Priorities Paper


October 2017 – Changes Name to good natured Products Inc.

July 2017 – Announces record first quarter, growing 53% YOY

June 2017 – Surpasses $2 million in annual revenue and 14x YOY growth


December 2016 – Announces acquisition of LINDAR Corp. bioplastics division

May 2016 – Announces first quarter of material revenues and shifts to building scalable model

April 2016 – Launches good naturedTM business organization products

March 2016 – Acquires bioplastic division of Ex-Tech Plastics


December 2015 – Acquires office products book of business

March 2015 – Company goes public on TSX Venture Exchange