Bioplastic Products

It’s our goal to help wipe out the use of fossil fuels and nasty chemicals in everyday products and look good doing it! Sure, we could focus on developing the next plant-based space station gonculator – and that would be pretty cool too – but we’re keeping our feet firmly on the ground and tackling the stuff that surrounds us in our everyday life.

Like storage bins. And kitchen gadgets. And office supplies. Toys. And let’s not forget about packaging…

Do these really need to be made from the carbonized remains of our dear friend, Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex? Don’t think so. And is the alternative that everything has to be green or brown or devoid of any design or pizzazz? We don’t think so either.

Many everyday products can be readily made today from our renewable, plant-based materials and are in high demand from retailers and consumers who are actively looking for unique items that are better for the planet and better for our well-being.

If you’ve got a product that’s ripe for a bioplastic makeover or want to get your sustainable innovations to market, talk to us about our custom manufacturing, branding and distribution capabilities and how we may be able to add your assortment to our growing collection of better everyday productsTM.