Polymer Engineering

There are thousands of grades of plastic out there, from PET to HDPE to PS to RPET to PP to LDPE to OMG…

Even if you’re looking for a drop-in plant-based replacement for PET or recycled PET food packaging, which is usually achievable with one of our available grades of PLA-based food-safe thermoformable rollstock sheets, sometimes we need to add a few extra herbs and spices to make it work just right for manufacturing, transport or display specifications.

We’ve taken an open sourced approach to polymer engineering. Over the years, our crackerjack team of scientists has been repeatedly recognized for their development of world-first biopolymer innovations, including composition-based patents, manufacturing trade secrets and enhanced heat and performance characteristics. However, they’ve also proven to be wizards at working with the latest bio-based ingredients from leading global developers and adding some good natured sprinkles that make the polymer do exactly what you need it to do.

Whether showing you how we can take a readily available plant-based material and turn it into finished products or packaging or rooting out a new solution that helps you make the switch from petroleum to plants, there’s nothing our team loves more than making new things possible.

Ready to make the switch?